Viber of the Month : Myrna

Viber of the Month : Myrna

Myrna L. Datilus is the Partnerships Director for Bold. Ms. Datilus has a Masters in Public Relations along with a diverse background of music, theatre, and sales. Her focus is to utilize her personal, academic and professional background in a broader scale. The primary goal is to work with Organizations and Brands that are relative to how the world is shifting technologically…

Maintaining Relationships Abroad

So you’ve made the big decision, you’re moving abroad... whether for 1 year or 10, whether a 3hour flight or 24hour flight, whether for work or school or adventure. I’m sure you figured making that initial decision to go was the biggest part of it, yeah you’ve considered what you may do for work, where you may live, how you’ll manage your experiences but at least for me, the biggest thing I didn’t account for was how to manage my soon to be long distance relationships....

Viber of the Month : Andrew

Viber of the Month : Andrew

"Art was always my first love long before I ever wanted to “Be like Mike” or be stylish and wear my jacket inside out with my hat backward like my favorite actor. Unfortunately, this love slowly took a backseat over the years as things such as basketball, healthcare and tech slowly began consuming much of my life as I matriculated from Junior high school through the beginning of my professional career...."

The Journey of Self Exploring: Am I Driving Down the Right Path?

The Journey of Self Exploring: Am I Driving Down the Right Path?

I ripped the band aid off, HARD. I came back from a Work assignment and I just quit. Tears and all.

Scary?  Yes!  But the weight was lifted off my shoulders , and it was invigorating!

I wasn’t worried about what was next, because I know my potential and how great and passionate about everything I do, I am.

However the environment I was in, didn’t allow me to breathe, grow or explore. I was so...

Viber of the Month : Macy

Viber of the Month : Macy

A boss in her own right, Creative Communications Pro, Macy Harrell is not to be slept on. As one of the driving forces behind The Posh Connect, Macy has spearheaded successful marketing and PR campaigns for businesses in the beauty, lifestyle and consumer category. You can catch her this spring at the How to Date a Boss panel discussion presented by CVG at this year’s Daze Summit. 

BGL Power Day 18

BGL Power Day 18

Brown girls Love, Power Day 2018  was everything I wanted and more. As I prepared for the day,  I reflected on my previous experience during Power Day 2017. Attending made it clearer to me than ever, that representation DOES matter. I was sitting in a room full of ambitious women like myself, and women who run amazing businesses that look like ME! I left there literally feeling like...

Viber of the Month : Warren

Image-1 (1).jpg

With over 6 years experience in fast paced roles at brands such as Paper Magazine, Gilt, and Saks Fifth Avenue, Warren is a rising star in the fashion industry. He will be bringing his expertise as the first contributor to our blog, so be sure to stay tuned!

Check him out! 

LINKEDIN: @WarrenAdriana 

INSTAGRAM: @WarrenAdriana

TWITTER: @WarrenAdriana 


My Real Name is:

Warren Adriana

But The World Knows Me As:



If I were a mutant my super power would be:


Because I am good at:

Adapting to any situation

When I am home waiting for my food to cook I like to do this while I wait:

I rarely cook, but I scan my twitter feed for the latest tea and news.


When I do not want to cook I like to Order this:

A sandwich from the bodega. Turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.

This is the App I use when I want to place an order:

I just call lol

The first thing I do when I wake up is:

Drink 16oz of water.

The first app I open every day is:


My guilty food pleasure is:

Cupcakes...especially from Magnolia's Bakery

My favorite album of all time is:

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

My favorite artist of all time is:


Now lets get to know the Viber professionally!


Job Title and Company Name (or Brand):

Item Setup Associate, Saks Fifth Avenue
Image-1 (2).jpg

I've been in this position for this many years:

5 months

I've been in this industry for this many years:

6 years

Do you consider yourself an influencer? If yes, why?


The most surprising thing I've learned about being a professional in this field is:

Urgent doesn't always really mean urgent.

How did you even get started in this industry or line of work?

I interned at Paper Magazine in 2012 and moved up to freelance on several amazing PR projects #BestExperienceOfMyLife. From that time I realized I wanted to stay in the fashion industry no matter what. I've since moved to the retail side of the industry, navigating the eComm landscape. I'm always looking forward to exploring new opportunities.

My colleagues and counterparts would be surprised or perhaps flabbergasted if they knew that I...

I can't give all my secrets away. But, people always get a kick out of learning I tried my hand at voguing in the ballroom scene (before it became a thing to do!). I even won a trophy once.


10 Years ago I was:

A 20yr old lost lamb in NY, figuring life out and too wrapped up in my social life.


I legit swore at the age of 10 that I was going to grow up to be:

An actor or a doctor.


To calm me down when I'm pissed off I listen to

Anything by Whitney Houston.

Phone Call or Text?

Android or iPhone?


You can connect with me by following me on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat,Website:

All social media: @WarrenAdriana

CVG Takes Art Basel

A few weeks back, the CVG team attended the ever growing Art Basel event in Miami, Florida. Each member gained perspective in their own ways but shared a similar sense of inspiration. Follow us as we revisit our liberation & libations.

Culture & Environment


Felix Vargas_

Absolutely loved the vibe and feeling in Miami during Art Basel. Felt like a place where everyone was welcomed no matter what, it was very non-pretentious. The events were designed and curated very well and the amount of sponsorship was more than what I had expected. Though event ideas were somewhat dated, the overall look and feel of all events were ok and appeasing to the eye.

Britney Wallace_

Being only the second time visiting Miami and the first time venturing out of the bellows of south beach, I was extremely impressed by the artistry and pockets of creativity. Wynwood, the heart of Art Basel, was essentially shut down from most car traffic allowing people to move freely and immerse themselves in artwork, music, vendors, shops, swanky bars, food and so much more. You can tell this city takes pride in this weekend and it open to contributions, collaborations and partnerships to the point that I ended up networking with a handful of individuals from the NYC and greater Philadelphia area.

Overall, I would recommend that anyone who is interested in checking Art Basel out, to do so. Although it is noticeable that the native originality is somewhat muddled by the growing popularity, the experience will be unique and fulfilling nonetheless.

Aya Mohamed_

There’s a vibe in Miami like no other, especially when Art Basel is happening! 
A similar sense of Bourbon St in Louisiana, where the streets are filled with dancing, creative individuals, expressing themselves to tunes of music, and tones of color.

Art Basel, was a great trip for CVG, as we got to meet artists, mostly native to NYC and the TriState area, ironically. Many artists I admired were there showcasing for the first time, after years of frequenting Art Basel. The one thing I kept asking them was how does it feel to be showing your artwork versus looking at everyone else’s. And the responses were the same thrill and excitement one would hope to have showcasing their creativity. It was such a thrill to see so many female artists, artists of minority and first time artists , being the norm , as Swiss Beats would reference, in an art scene that isn’t always welcoming of our kind.

Catherine Buccello_

Culture: Laid Back Vibes, Miami has a very south beach flashy vibe Wynwood has a complete different vibe where it resembles the new millennial feel not putting on a show for anyone and being comfortable and creative. The culture feels like creative people walking around expressing themselves and enjoying art and life.

Environment : Open and free, pretentious feeling is non existent feels like art for us, modern, vibrant expressive and able to speak to and interact with the art and the artist without feeling out of place and fine art for the rich. Brands have a way to directly connect with consumers and activate themselves in a way that feels like appreciation and possibilities.

Favorite Artist or Artwork




Ashley Kay - Her art was simple but the colors she used, with the blend the texture and the visual for some reason spoke to me. it was very different from the majority which seemed to be a theme of owning blackness which i loved but i could tell she was from mixed decent and she only knew how to really express and find herself in her art. in speaking to her she mentioned how long it took her the courage to put herself out there and this is the first showing she was doing and to do it in Miami during Art Basel now thats huge leap! When we asked her what her muse was her response stood out to me although it felt more targeted towards a friend. Mushrooms. They can grow anywhere, including dead environments. It hit home because it basically entailed that no matter what situation you end up in started in or find yourself in you have full capabilities to grow


image 2017-12-27 11.49.22 PM.jpg

One of my favorite artists that I experienced was a NYC native, Tatiana Camice. Reasons being is that the extent of her creative ability was so diverse, I was impressed by the mixed mediums (whether stone coasters, pins, mugs, canvas) to the soft brush strokes and strong sense of detail in her work. I purchased a couple of things from her which included a pin of a African American woman, natural hair flowing with the words “Black & Unbothered” on a yellow fan. I’ve always been a fan of simplicity yet intricate design and I was very impressed by her catalog.



My favorite artist had to be a street artist we bumped into named Logic, with his collection “Are you Dying?”.
Not only was his artistic hustle admired, but his fluidity in explaining his work was truly appreciated.



I loved the Helicopter at the Walls. It showcases the oxymoron of life - we are always in the fast lane trying to be on the go at all times meanwhile everyone else is just chillin' and in your way. The cat represents how nonchalant other people are.

Favorite Event

It was unanimous...

Catherine - Unanimous No Commission, granted i have been to the one in the BX which i enjoyed more because it had an outdoor feel with the art strictly inside (and the AC lol) and it had a ride element and food trucks which this one did not have. it was still an amazing experience in a different way. There was other elements to experience like an airbrush fake tattoo station, VR, art was as soon as you walked in, you had some outdoor space, amazing surprise performances, Swizz walking in the crowd, and open Bacardi bar. the vibe felt more curated this time around giving extreme Miami old cuban vibes

Britney - Swiss Beats "No Commission” event definitely provided the best trifecta of music, art and environment amongst all the events we attended. Aside from it being a free admission and an open Barcardi sponsored bar, there was a great variety of artwork on display, temporary tattoo and VR vendors to experience as well as a dance floor/stage area where acts such as Busta Rhymes & 2 Chains and Swizz Beats himself performed. Most of the people who attended until the very end, same as us.

Aya  - The No Commission event by far was one to be remembered. It was thoroughly executed from the entrance, artists, music, and most importantly the message. That art should always be accessible from everyone for everyone. There was a sense of unity from all the guests that I haven’t felt from an event . We were all free to be as we please , and yet all equally unified for a greater cause.

Felix  - No Commission. Great energy, great layout and flow.

Inspiration & Main Takeaways


The level of collaboration was very inspirational. There was a sense of community which we sometimes do not see in NYC.




Roaming freely exploring Wynwood, dancing to music, watching artists create right in front of you, and enjoying the plethora of events accessible to everyone is really a trip to remember.

Can’t wait to be back next year!


"For the Artist By the Artist With the People" was a saying that Swiss used and it really stuck in my craw felt like FUBU and solange and the way minorities as a unit really came together in this tragic year. It felt like such a terrible year around us but our community within started to become united almost as if it was a necessary evil to bring people together. since CVG mission is to develop a sense of community amongst the side hustle gen and the misfits it gave me more of a push to encourage and even create and fix my own personal and professional relationships


Simply put, my main takeaway is to become more intone with who I am and what I do. Being a black woman in tech and design, I was inspired to look more into the NYC and experience more of what it has to offer. This includes things like taking advantage of the winter season by attending more museums or local galleries or getting more involved in tech groups and create meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals. 


Check out the gallery below for additional select artwork:

Viber of the Month : Naiylah


For her counseling and mental health awareness, Naiylah has recently been nominated for Brooklyn Magazine's 30 under 30. The native Brooklynite will also be a relationship & sex coach at CVGs "Get Yo Life" event in March of 2018. 


Check her out!




My Real Name is:


But The World Knows Me As:

Nai or Naionlife


If I were a mutant my super power would be:

Reading minds or being a healer

Because I am good at:

Figuring out people's feelings and making them feel better!

When I am home waiting for my food to cook I like to do this while I wait:

Scrolling through Instagram or calling my bff


When I do not want to cook I like to Order this:

I walk to my local deli and grab chicken over rice!

This is the App I use when I want to place an order:

I just call lol

The first thing I do when I wake up is:

Thank God for waking me up or... cut off my alarm

The first app I open every day is:

Text Messages

My guilty food pleasure is:

Haggen Daz Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice cream!!

My favorite album of all time is:

A cross between Christina Aguilera "Stripped," The Blueprint 2 The Gift and the Curse, and Maroon 5 "Songs About Jane."

My favorite artist of all time is:

Sade, Jay-Z, Maroon 5, - I can not choose

Now lets get to know the Viber professionally!


Job Title and Company Name (or Brand):

Marriage and Family Therapist/Substance Abuse Counselor

I've been in this position for this many years:

approximately 3 years

I've been in this industry for this many years:


Do you consider yourself an influencer? If yes, why?


The most surprising thing I've learned about being a professional in this field is:

I have learned that we all really do process experiences very differently. We are unique yet we are one.

How did you even get started in this industry or line of work?

I realized that counseling was my thing when I was in Fashion high school, I was never actually sewing. I was talking to everyone about their relationship issues and found it to be so much fun just listening/advising people on the things they wanted to do. When it was time to apply to college, I knew Fashion was not an option, so I said, "Well what do you like to do Nai?" and my response was simple, "Talk to people." I decided then that maybe I should explore counseling and I never looked back.

My colleagues and counterparts would be surprised or perhaps flabbergasted if they knew that I...

I am actually really really silly and outgoing when I am with my friends/ and that I am one of like 7 siblings.


10 Years ago I was:

I was actually in college, not doing well in psychology lol


I legit swore at the age of 10 that I was going to grow up to be:

An obstetrician ! I thought I would be holding babies all day !


To calm me down when I'm pissed off I listen to

"Shake it Out" by Florence and the Machine anything with a high tempo !

Phone Call or Text?

Android or iPhone?

Phone Call

You can connect with me by following me on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat,Website:


5 Tips on post Holiday Techniques to Keep the Weight Off

This blog post was written by Catherine Buccello who is also a contributor to the BYOB Society Blog as well as Felix Vargas.

Eat Beyond Your Means but Clap Back With Your Revenge Body After the Holidays. We all know once the Holiday season comes around it means getting together with friends and family and spending time celebrating the most “joyful” time of the year. The common denominator that brings everyone together is food and booze. From Thanksgiving, to Christmas to New Years it is basically a marathon to throw away all those good practices we set in stone throughout the year. The fact that it comes around the winter weather gives us an excuse to put on a big sweater and hide our belly. However, just because we are indulging does not mean we can not keep our daily regime or even throw in some new beneficial practices. Here are some 5 easy tips to keep you focused so your Summer Body can be here all year round.


1 - Drink (1) cup of Green Tea Daily


Green Tea is good for boosting metabolism. After overworking your system you want to make sure you kick your metabolism into full gear so it can continue working as hard as your appetite. It also provides benefits to high blood pressure, which based on the type of food or consumption of alcohol, combined with family history will help reduce the risk.

Learn More:

2 - Charcoal Pills

Take (2) Charcoal pills once a week to assist the green tea in cleaning out your system.Activated charcoal is a potent natural treatment used to trap toxins and chemicals in the body, allowing them to be flushed out so the body doesn’t reabsorb them. One activated charcoal use often overlooked is to alleviate uncomfortable gas and bloating. It works by binding the gas-causing byproducts in foods that cause discomfort.Activated charcoal uses help promote a healthy digestive tract by removing toxins that cause allergic reactions, oxidative damage and poor immune system function.

Learn More:

3 - 30 minutes of cardio (3) days a week


Could be at the gym or getting off (2) Train stops earlier and walking home, any physical activity to help sweat off the extra Holiday Pounds.  There are also great apps you can download for quick 30 minute workouts you can do at home if you do not feel like trekking to the Gym. Swork Out, You Tube and Nike Training + offer some great workouts!

4 - Water


Stay hydrated especially if you work at a desk. It’ll make you use the bathroom at least twice an hour to release toxins but also will force you to get up and walk around.


4 - Pineapple


Eat (5) slices of fresh pineapple twice a week. Helps with bloating and instant fat burn. Eating pineapple regularly can protect you from a vast amount of health conditions, including constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, atherosclerosis, and blood clotting, as well as high blood pressure.

How Marijuana Can Fuel Creativity for Young Professionals

This blog post was written by Catherine Buccello who is also a contributor to the BYOB Society Blog. Catherine expresses how you can utilize the high to become more creative, see below.

Growing up, initiatives such as D.A.R.E and Say No to Drugs were created and developed to keep youth as well as grownups away from the downfall of using and abusing drugs. These campaigns were a strategic effort to decrease the number of dependencies on legal and illegal drugs. For a long time marijuana had a very negative stigma with all of these harmful side effects – how it could kill your brain cells and basically make you a potato. It was also looked at to be something that only minorities dabbled and engaged in. A inner city cheap drug, low income and ghetto for the uneducated and the unmotivated. Negative connotations associated with it include “pothead, stoner, burnout, hippie”....CONTINUE READING AT THE BYOB SOCIETY BLOG

The Problem with Time Management

This blog post was written by Catherine Buccello who is also a contributor to the BYOB Society Blog

Many greats throughout the years have talked about balance and time management. However the reality is everyone’s schedule is different and as much as passion can fuel you and keep you restless at night, sometimes it seems there’s just not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you set your mind to.....CONTINUE READING AT THE BYOB SOCIETY BLOG

Why Collaboration is Key to Moving your Business to the Next Level

This blog post was written by Catherine Buccello who is also a contributor to the BYOB Society Blog

Doing business with friends or family is not always easy, but I’ve done enough research and have had many conversations with colleagues on the benefits. Of course, from time to time, there’s mention of financial, emotional or legal horror stories. But if two people come together to develop one common goal, you could easily turn any bad situation around. There is power in collaboration. It can be one of the best steps for your company and here’s why....CONTINUE READING AT THE BYOB SOCIETY BLOG

A Millennial’s Guide to Traveling on a Budget

This blog post was written by Catherine Buccello who is also a contributor to the BYOB Society Blog

Studies have proven and shown time and time again that millennials are driven by prioritizing experiences over buying material possessions. This has forced many retailers (think Bebe, BCBG, American Apparel and Macy’s included) to switch to e-commerce and file for Chapter 11. A recent study on CNBC found that 72% of millennials prioritize experiences such as travel, skydiving, festivals, etc. over material things. The millennial mentality on finances could be described as “Money made for memories”.

With these experiences, a majority comes from the desire for travel exploration. However, we know that booking a flight and planning a trip is basically as expensive as deciding to invest in name brand appliances, clothing, accessories and so forth. Many people are discouraged due to misconceptions of traveling – being too costly or the ability to have enough time/days available to permit a leisurely trip.

Creating Instagram worthy travel experiences is possible. Here’s how to plan an affordable trip....CONTINUE READING AT THE BYOB SOCIETY BLOG

Northside Festival Block Party

This past week was Northside Festival. A week long festival in the heart of Williamsburg , BK. Think SXSW Brooklyn style. There's innovation events, panels, speakers , workshops , concerts, music , film, networking, food and fun. 

This year they added in a Block Fest for a 5 block stretch on Bedford Ave. With varying neighborhood participants and sponsors. Bars and restaurants offered specials, frozen to go drinks, solo cups of beer or lemonade, jewelry stores designed custom free pieces, car2go had a 360 photo booth, non profits advocated for their programs and stances, live performances, games, water balloons and water guns. But our favorite was Sweet Chick's set up with a DJ spinning all throwbacks and a surprise performance by none other than MOBB DEEP! 

We at CVG especially loved the atmosphere and the vibe it generated and created. It was a good representation on how gentrification should be. Young creative diverse minds enjoying each other's company in a laid back environment engaging with innovative brands. It brought back a feeling of nostalgia and unity. We always talk about how in fashion & history repetition is key and everything always comes "back in style". What we want to focus on being back in style is forward thinking, and sense of community. One of our biggest values and mission. We thank Northside for inviting and having us there and being able to enjoy and support the community of small business and great company. Definitely sparked some amazing inspiration and ideas. We know I we have taken a little bit of a hiatus getting things situated and with some temporary relocation. However , we want to thank everyone for the support as well as expressed interest and are excited to be able to share with you what we have planned for rest of the year as we kick off in full gear.


Learn more about the block party and Northside Festival festivities here:

10 Tips for Havana Central

Recently Co-Founder Catherine, curated a short girl’s trip to visit the forbidden land of Havana, Cuba. Since her return she has been asked a series of questions and advice regarding booking a flight. After seeing many of her social media timeline being flooded with a new follower enjoying a beautiful vacation. She decided to do some outreach and information scouting to curated her own. Although provided very insightful information and dedicating time to planning, she still found herself learning new things during her journey that would have been helpful to know prior to, which she shares with all that inquire. Since the inquiries started to become repetitive she decided to give her quick tip pointers for all to share.


 Tip 1

When Filing for a Visa if you are going for tourism/tourist purposes the category to file under is: People of Cuba

It is a one time fee of $50 that you can do before hand by calling your airline, pay once, provide ID and fill out the rest of the paperwork before your flight. You may want to get to the Airport 30 minutes earlier than your scheduled time, figure 90 minutes in total before your flight to ensure you have enough time for Visa Check In and Security line.



Tip 2

The easiest method honestly for converting USD to CUC currency would be when you land. Do not be frightened by the line, yes it is quite long and the workers move rather slowly with no sense of urgency (this isn’t America remember), the direct conversation rate is worth the wait. Currently the conversation rate is 1:1 with a 10% exchange fee.

Tip 3

We allotted $100 a day to our Daily Spend to be on the safe side as well as being able to buy souvenirs at any given moment, consume multiple drinks and meals throughout the day, taxis, and any activities that were not preplanned. We still had change left over at the conclusion of the trip to convert back before leaving. However you want to make sure you do have enough because they do not take card anywhere, or American currency for that matter.



Tip 4

The price range throughout the entire country is on the low end. For an example on the typical normal lower end drinks are 2.50 and considered to be expensive at nightlife and upper scale locations by being around 4.50. A 3 course meal with multiple drinks can run you anywhere up to $30-$50 a person, three courses with multiple drinks.

Tip 5

Respect the culture.  It is so rich and you have the capability to learn so much from the locals and understand another part of the world, how they live and operate but please always have respect and do not be THAT typical ignorant American. They are excited to share their culture and welcome us to their land but it is still their native home and way of life. We want to be embraced so do not be the disgrace.

Tip 6

Stay at an AirBnB. Hotels or “Hostels” as they refer to them are very nice and if that is your preference by all means go for it, however it is still a communist country so all  proceeds will go to the government for Hotels and money will go straight to the direct locals for AirBnB. Our AirBnB host also provided home cooked breakfast daily with a small additional charge, sold Cigars in house, had a spectacular view, information on Cuba, wifi and a security system. I am just saying.


Tip 7

Spend a day on the beach, no seriously the entire day. The environment is like no other. If you have ever been to South Beach and thought THAT was an experience? You have not seen anything like the Santa Maria experience. You will of course run into other Americans which will make it feel like home, but you will make local friends as well. All anyone wants to do is enjoy the gorgeous water and share their bottles of rum to some latin beats with good company.  They have multiple stands with food options and drinks, but to make it even more convenient they have servers walking around the beach taking food AND drink orders and bringing them directly to you. You can also rent beach chairs and umbrellas directly on the beach. Favorite part hands down is the vendors walking around with rum filled coconuts. They cut open the coconut, you drink a portion of the coconut water and they fill the rest with rum, straight for three cuc. Three.


Tip 8

Tours are basically a necessity. Especially the Vintage Car Tour. One you get to ride around in a classic car for around 3 hours while seeing majority of the city and gauge historic insight of the different sections that define the city. Two a walking tour will give you in depth history based on what you would like to become more knowledge about: the city, the culture, the religion, the history etc. Four hours of being able to pick a local’s brain. There are multiple sites you can utilize for a custom tourl we used Urban Adventure. Our tour guide  Dayana of Old Havana is one we unanimously highly recommend! Let us know if you want a 10% discount code!

Tip 9

Nightlife, it is very focused on Salsa Dancing and live music. You can enjoy bouncing around at bars and restaurants or go to legit outdoor Salsa Venues. The locals there are very patient with teaching you their native dance and are very good at it! Another popular location is Art Factory that has a mega line where you must be on it by 8pm to even be permitted in! They also have pre nightlife excursion packages you can purchase online prior too for mojito making classes and bar crawling.



Tip 10

Do not buy Cigars off the street from vendors. Purchase at Hotels or the actual factory like Romeo & Juliet. Not only can you go on a tour and see how they are hand made, but you will be ensured to received quality and not run the risk of fake tobacco. They also have an EXTENSIVE amount of options!



...Tip 11

Prep an Itinerary beforehand, depending on where you stay will give you an option of utilizing wifi but this is not something you have at disposable access anytime you walk in and out of set location. Come prepared on what you want to do when to have your days planned out with a skeleton.

Tip 12...

Whatever you do, think later book NOW! The city is undergoing a lot of restoration and modernization. I would check your PTO availability, rope together some troops and book a flight as soon as possible before the city loses its core culture!

Ok so that may have been 12 but the more you know right? Please share with us your stories or reach out if you have any further questions. We would love to see your photos as well! And don’t be shy to hashtag us #VibeWithUs so we can be apart of your journey!  

Happy Mothers Day from CVG!

Us here at Curated Vibes Group want to dedicate this post not only to all the beautiful mothers out there in the world, but especially ours for helping shape us and support us for journeying down the unbeaten path. This has clearly been the year of the Female and we want our Queens to know how appreciated they are.

matt-aunger-219279 copy.jpg

You are appreciated,






Don't you know we love ya? Sweet lady,



Dear mama....

  A Likkle Island Girl with Big Time Tings eh. I do not believe in my 25 years of life I have witnessed someone that works and has hustled as hard as you. This Queen traveled from Antigua at the age of 13 and has faced and overcome many trials, tribulations and battles. The strength and the heart this woman has is as one of a lion. But her energy is as crazy as mule and as silly as a monkey. Being a mom, a wife, a Master student ,study for your citizenship and a full time nurse is no easy feet and somehow you managed to make it look flawless and effortless. Thank you for laying down an example and supporting me every step of my own way, green hair and all.

A Likkle Island Girl with Big Time Tings eh. I do not believe in my 25 years of life I have witnessed someone that works and has hustled as hard as you. This Queen traveled from Antigua at the age of 13 and has faced and overcome many trials, tribulations and battles. The strength and the heart this woman has is as one of a lion. But her energy is as crazy as mule and as silly as a monkey. Being a mom, a wife, a Master student ,study for your citizenship and a full time nurse is no easy feet and somehow you managed to make it look flawless and effortless. Thank you for laying down an example and supporting me every step of my own way, green hair and all.

Believe it or not, my mom and I would constantly butt heads growing up, and oddly enough it was probably because we are so much alike. My mom is an only child and my grandmother had her when she was 16 years old and I believe that really shaped my mother to be as independent as she is today.

I feel like I've inherited the analytical and strategic thinking from my dad but have definitely acquired the tech, design and innovative thinking from my mom. At around the time when I was 5 or 6  years old my mom worked at a store called "Zany Brainy" which was a store that sold educational toys and multimedia products. While working there she used my brother and I as mini focus groups by giving us the opportunity to test out the children's toys and games which ultimately helped her better sale recommendations. Being that I was so young, I didn't realize how rare and unique that experience was as it started to mold my brother and I into creative thinkers.

With my mom, it's always about the little things or the things that you don't notice initially, that makes her exceptional. From guiding my brother and I into the career paths we've taken without taking over our decisions, to essentially being a single mom at times while my dad worked 2 jobs with one being in the Air Force, she has ALWAYS been there.

This story is just one of many ways my mom makes small moments, significant ones. No words can truly explain how inspirational she has been to me and as loved as she makes me feel. Happy Mother's Day to my phenomenal mom!

My relationship with my mother growing up was definitely a build of character for me!Both of us being Libra’s , we each tried to find our balance with each other. She was always responsible, and particular about the way things get done. She was always my toughest critic but let me make my mistakes and let me grow into the person who I am today. Being in events, this trait helped me a long way!

Being a teacher, she was hard on us with school and that we always tried our best. Our train rides as kids always consisted of guessing the capitals of different countries, and other geography games. It allowed me not only to love my culture, but to enjoy others cultures and traditions. My journeys across the world will only be better because of my yearning to always learn more.

She is so attentive and caring, that every detail was thought about when working with others. She is the youngest of 7 siblings, and has worked so hard to make sure she was her own individual, so her wall is still really hard to break down at times. But the older I get, the more we bond about our journeys in life.

Thank you Mama  for every kiss, hug, argument, cry, and laugh. Your heart is always filled with good intent and I love you for shaping me into the person I am today!


Life is hard and filled with trials and tribulations. Jumping and overcoming hurdles seem impossible at times. And let's face it, they're definitely hard to jump over.

At 5 years old I envisioned 30 to be a pivotal point in my life. But as I am months away, the road to 30 seems to be the hardest yet. The year began with major career changes, followed by a car accident which totaled my car, and then the unexpected happened. I was asked to work an event that was going to bring my career up to new heights. A month and half away from home with a big pay check at the end. That joy, however, was over quickly. Event was in full swing and then canceled at the last minute making headlines around the world. It was embarrassing to even admit to being a part of that catastrophic experience.

Today is May 14th. A day dedicated to cherishing our mothers for their hard work. But today is also a reflection of my life for the past 29.5 years and a testament to the unconditional love that my mom has for me is the reason why I can stand up tall and keep going. She is the reason why I do what I do. She is the reason why I continue to strive to do bigger and better things. She is the reason why I am still here. And just like that, I know I am the reason why she is still here. We are one. And it will be that way until the end of time.

At 5, I said I'd build my mom a large house and build one for myself next door to hers. That is still my dream and I will continue to work hard to make that a possibility. I love you mom, Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mothers Day from CVG to all the mom's out there!

CVG at Daze Summit

This past weekend the Curated Vibes Group was invited to attend Daze Summit Spring Break 2017. No not girls gone wild and raging undergraduates binge drinking. But a 7 day stretch filled with panels, business expos and performances in various locations touching Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan.

Daze Summit was created by Scott Morris as an effort to not only showcase music artist but to also raise funds to provide scholarships for high school students who would like to attend college.

By partnering with The Future Project, Daze Music Summit along with the Deans List Tour was able to provide funds to selected students who showed exemplary leadership and academic skills throughout the year to their teachers, peers and faculty members.

It was amazing to be surrounding by melanin within the media industry sharing insight and experiences that not only inspire but inform attendees. Here are some of our key takes away to share:


Art of Networking - Curated by Multi Artistry Entertainment  


Discussion Highlights:

  • “It’s not about networking, it’s about building relationships”

  • Have a goal when attending networking events - focus on quality over quantity when connecting with others

  • Networking can oftentimes be difficult but if  done successfully, those people are signed up for your journey

  • Embrace the connections that you make, you never know where they will take you !

  • Be persistent and know your value


Key Takeaways:

  • Don't ever doubt that you are not qualified to be in a room with powerful people or that you are too young or inexperienced to mingle and hold a discussion with someone you aspire to be

  • Be prepared before you even get there

  • Always keep in touch, even if they cannot be of service to you now.

  • Can’t bring everyone with you, you need to know what their goal is for attending the event and what is your goal s and that the two connect or else someone has to stay behind

Do It For the Culture - Curated by
Power Respect ENT


Discussion Highlights:

  • Hip Hop has shaped social media

    • Has hip hop helped or hurt social media and vice versa?

  • Rapid change and release of music, changes the hip hop standard and has become more business forward, than producing quality art.

  • Turnover of music is about 3 months and on to the next one

    • Get it? Jay-Z & Swizz song? Yes we are corny and proud

  • Using the ways of the hip hop culture to educate children , think of it as Hip Hop nation's Principal

Key Takeaways:

  • Respect the history of hip hop and its origins and use it as a learning tool for new emerging artists and regarding the culture

  • Social media has helped hip hop engagement as well as hip hop has boosted social media greatly

Like A Boss - Curated by Asia Golden


Discussion Highlights:

  • Defining the definition of a girl boss and what it means individually

  • How can you be a boss & maintain a romantic relationship?  

  • 3 words to tell someone starting off and/or words that hone true to your hustle

Key Takeaways:

  • Three Words:

    • I am A Savage  

    • Energy, Endurance, Consistency

    • Dependable , Passion, Driven

  • Knowing how to keep your friend group separate from a core support group. Needing people in your life that are going to understand that we aren’t going to be able to shoot the shit all day but if we need to vent or if we need someone to assist with a specific skill to make sure you have those key people within your network.

  • The possibility of love and profession are possible, as women we do not need to sacrifice one of the two but it is a matter of not settling and finding a partner who is compatible and supports either emotionally, creatively or both

  • As soon as we think of females doing what men have been doing for years, which is being a boss, we are quick to label them as bitch instead of a boss or a respected hustler

  • The biggest takeaway and similar language amongst the six panelist is the feeling of connection and support amongst other females. It isn’t competition it’s community.

“Hear My Voice”  - Curated by: Who Did You Meet?


Discussion Highlights:

  • The ins & outs of developing a successful podcast

  • Pros and Cons of  independent vs a network

  • What goes into being a good host, co-host and having guests


Key Takeaways:

  • It’s about what people want to hear and what you are talking about.  Keeping it genuine.

  • Podcasts are becoming a saturated market, especially since this is an outlet for the underdogs to have a platform be able to reach the masses. However, if everyone is producing the same material why should a listener give you 45-60 minutes of my time?

  • Energy Attracts Energy, you will find your tribe, you will find your listeners

  • Develop and perfect your thirty Second Elevator Pitch


“My Writing My Website" - Curated by: Who Did You Meet?


Discussion Highlights:

  • How to stay relevant and up to date with the latest news

  • Make sure your source of information is correct

  • Follow the publicists and marketing for the field you are writing about and they will reach out to you to release information

  • Be consistent and organized

  • It is important to put a face to the brand and network , not just sit behind the screen.

  • When getting started, sometimes, you have to invest to be at the best event, to get the worthy perspective.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be Persistent and Tenacious when trying to make a connection. Be strategic email reach out, slide in DM’s (professionally! No BM’s) Respond 24-48 hours

  • Important to Market Yourself, Search hashtags, Use hashtags, Advertise, Publicity Opportunities

  • Dont Claim Negativity - Whose to say you are not qualified? Never put negative thoughts in your head, who is to say you’re not disciplined? You teach yourself all the qualities you need to stay focused and driven  

  • Reach out to the right person and perfect your pitch to the point that they can’t say no

Although we were unable to attend all of the events or the panels, we still enjoyed the energy around us and overall the mission of the Summit. If you have the chance and opportunity to attend their events or at least donate. Donations and proceed go to assisting a High School Student with dreams of going to college, but does not have the funds to permit it.