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Viber of the Month : Myrna


CEO and Founder of Dream in Color EventsMyrna L. Datilus is the driving force behind the "Harlem Hump Day Happy Hours" series. Though she carries a Masters in Public Relations, Myrna has a diverse background in music, theater, and sales and essentially focuses on using her personal, academic, and professional background in a broader scale. Her primary goal is to work with organizations and brands that are relative to how the world is shifting technologically. She loves to sing, dance, and mingle with people and having something amazing come to fruition through the power of connection. "I create cultural events to get people connecting. I love that I’m able to meet with people who are doing all different things that others are scared to do. It’s good to see everyone merging their minds together and fostering relationships".


My Real Name is:

Myrna L. Datilus

But The World Knows Me As:

@beloved_dimples & @a_colorfuldreamer


If I were a mutant my super power would be:

Reading minds

Because I am good at:

Building relationships and being considerate of others

When I am home waiting for my food to cook I like to do this while I wait:



When I do not want to cook I like to Order this:


This is the App I use when I want to place an order:


The first thing I do when I wake up is:

Unfortunately check my texts, emails, and social media

The first app I open every day is:

Text Messages

My guilty food pleasure is:

Mac and Cheese & Pizza

My favorite album of all time is:

Voyage to India by India Arie

My favorite artist of all time is:

My dad- Levelt Datilus (Haitian/French Singer)

Now lets get to know the Viber professionally!


Job Title and Company Name (or Brand):

CEO/Founder of Dream in Color Events

I've been in this position for this many years:

About 2 years

I've been in this industry for this many years:

About 3 years

Do you consider yourself an influencer? If yes, why?

Not yet lol (4K followers away on IG)

The most surprising thing I've learned about being a professional in this field is:

That people will say they will support you but actions speak louder than words more than ever!

How did you even get started in this industry or line of work?

I began curating events for the Employee Resource Group, DiverseBurst while I was employed at Yelp but prior to, I used to curate and host events when I was a Resident Assistant in college and after I graduated as well. I just love bringing people together

My colleagues and counterparts would be surprised or perhaps flabbergasted if they knew that I...

I performed on Broadway when I was 10 years old in the show, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

10 Years ago I was:

Working for Verizon Wireless and I got my very first apartment in Irvington, NJ

I legit swore at the age of 10 that I was going to grow up to be:

A Broadway Star since I was already performing on that stage during that time


To calm me down when I'm pissed off I listen to

Gospel music, Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast or my thoughts, lol

Phone Call or Text?


Android or iPhone?


You can connect with me by following me on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Website:

Instagram: @beloved_dimples
Website: http://www.acolorfuldreamer.com/