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CVG's 2019 Manifestation

Fresh off of hosting our last event, “Manifest Your Vision”, we decided to dedicate this blog post to reflecting what 2018 was and what 2019 will [hopefully] be. We’re speaking our 2019 Manifestations into existence so read on to see what each of our misfits are preaching!

Personal Reflections


That patience + Time will conquer  rushing the process.

The importance on acknowledging strengths + weaknesses.

Resilience is not given as much credit as necessary.

Being more honest with myself and with others.


The idea of self love and prioritizing self.

That quality over quantity + patience will bring better results to your goals.

How to live in my own skin and not give into others’ preconceived notions about me.

The idea of personal and professional vulnerability.


The importance of accountability.

Effective communication.

The importance of letting go.

That assumptions are overrated and expressions are needed for people to
fully understand a thought, an idea, or an emotion. 


The compromise necessary needed for growth.

The importance of honesty when it comes to self and others.

The positive outcomes that came from working as a team.

The love received from people around me during difficult moments.

Professional Reflections



Giving others the benefit of the doubt.

Never have set expectations; this is the blueprint for disappointment.

Create the environment you want to be in and remain consistent.

Growing Pains are hard but part of a greater purpose.




A lot of people are faking it until they make it. 

Never steer off of the Brand.

Trust your gut instinct. 

Keep creating even if you think no one is watching or cares. It's a process - trust yourself and TRUST IT!




I am worth just as much as anyone above me, if not more.

Speak your mind even if it gets you a bad rep - Chances are others feel the same way.

Don’t be afraid to fight for what you’re worth, AKA, Salary!

You’re always on stage and the star of the show so remember to always be on point.




To be more vocal about my goals and aspirations.

Not to be afraid to say no or express concern.


Group Reflections

We are four individuals with different paths, journeys, and goals but we’ve become a our own family of misfits. We work together, travel together, cry together, and sometimes want to rip each other’s heads apart but all in all, we LOVE and RESPECT one another. We took some time to reflect on what we each learned about one another this past year and compiled the list below.


What we learned about Aya:

  • Developed her own voice and stance to gain control of her life.

  • Beautiful blessings have come her way and a beautiful glow has formulated.

  • Still the clumsiest one out of the group.

  • Internal growth of evolving into a woman with a set vision and determination.

  • Allowed herself proper vulnerability + stern decisions for self.

  • Highly skilled + multifaceted. 

  • Confidence, growth, + Contagious love and passion.

What we learned about Cat:

  • Willing to delve into the toughest of situations to make things a lot easier for herself in the long run.

  • Learned how to take necessary “ME” time.

  • One of the softest, most caring people I’ve ever met.

  • Puts on this front of being a bad ass (which she is) but she is so sweet and kind.

  • Developed great patience, self-love and motivation.

  • Found her own peace with strong determination to get there.

What we learned about Felix:  

  • Finally embracing the calm and beauty of trust and love.

  • Patience manifested into understanding things a lot easier.

  • Started to let go of the things that he has personally allowed to hold him back + started to embrace structure in his life which is starting to provide him genuine happiness + peace.

  • Put more trust in those around him and understands when to take a step back.

What we learned about Brit:

  • Better understanding of how much her brilliance can be valued even further.

  • Realized that it’s time to take stand for her worth.

  • Pushed out of her comfort zone by others which has allowed her to leave behind her timidness and open up more.

  • Clumsy as hell + anal about the most randomness things.

  • A wildcard: smart, creative, charismatic, + just an all around feel good kind of person.

What we learned about CVG as a unit:

  • Our ability to rely on each other through anything and everything.

  • Traveling together and developing the best adventures and memories.

  • There is a mysterious charm that attracts the kind of energy and bonding experiences that we are looking to build for our followers.

  • We’re an awkward set of misfits and the missing pieces to a puzzle in our current culture. We have no fake aire about ourselves, work hard, but have a lot of fun which in turn allows others to be themselves around us.

  • We’re trendsetters in our own ways and people actually look up to us.

  • We have a unique bond + genuine love and respect for one another.

So of course this opened up a can of worms and made us think about what our 2019 goals were. Now we don’t normally share these but they say it’s always best to put things out in the universe. Pulse, we can always look back at this list in 2020 and see what we accomplished.

CVG’s 2019 Goals

  • Continue bringing our connections full circle by defying the norm when it comes to how events are held, produced, and experienced.

  • Continue connecting dope ass individuals and allowing them grow together from all parts of the world.

  • Develop a more clear understanding and representation of who we are in and to the world.

  • Continue providing a platform for Side Hustlers and the underdogs to connect and flourish with our unique unconventional approach on networking.

  • Become more forthcoming with collaborators on how we can and will assist.

  • Understanding that our expertise in event production is one that is needed amongst our target audience as not many have the access or years of experience as the group.

  • Keep shining and providing opportunities for niche and emerging brands.


Our dynamic says it all. We know there are others out there that can benefit from building connections with people that are outside of the “norm”. It’s the foundation CVG was built from and we want to continue to expand our community to all the misfits out there.

We will continue to be authentic. We will not have limitations. We will listen intently. We will continue to practice the art of expression.

Said it, claimed it. It’s ours. We can share - it can be yours too.

Cheers to the New Year!