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CVG Takes A3C in ATL


CVG took the hot streets of Atlanta to share their first experience at A3C Festival. Being a first time experience in the Peach State for Britney and Aya (who was celebrating her birthday from the time we boarded), time was split from enjoying what the city had to offer as well as festival activities.

Line Up

Screenshots taken from  www.a3cfestival.com

Screenshots taken from www.a3cfestival.com

The line up served as a time-warp back to the early 2000's with legends such as : Wu-Tang (all 9 well..8 RIP ODB), Trina, Lil Wayne (first performance since releasing the long awaited Carter V), The Diplomats, and Mannie Fresh! Guests came with the appreciation for good music and to bop to upcoming artists and OG's in the game, which you could tell people had fond respect and excitement to see. The line up awakened a nostalgic adolescence time that many festivals do not provide.


People seemed very chill and they were there to have a good time.
— Felix

The vibe was always filled with high energy, appreciation for good music with upcoming artists, and fond respect for the OG’s in the game. The audience was a strong mix of natives to the A, new comers in the A and out of towners. It was nice to see familiar faces and make new friends. The audience also appeared to be a bit more mature, not just in the sense of age but in behavior. It could be from the Line Up but the message behind A3C, all 3 coasts and connecting different industries alike definitely was felt on the festival grounds. You were not just there to listen but to learn and engage.

One viber in particular had a distinct takeaway regarding the vibe:

Felix: When CVG decided to go to A3C, it was a bit weird for me as I’m familiar with hip hop but seeing Wu-Tang as one of the headliners made me weary. Here’s why...I understand that music evolves and I wholeheartedly am behind respecting the craft and given artistic credit where it is due.

However, as a gay Latino man, their lyrics are often derogatory towards my kind. Again, not something that offends me per se as this is the culture I grew up in but definitely scary as I don’t know what to expect from concert goers. In any case, once there, it was all cool. People seemed very chill and they were there to have a good time.


The GA Freight depot, was a great spacious outdoor venue for the festival and they had a great variety of food trucks as well as some insta-worthy signage and interactive games and activities to keep you engaged.  The festival was broken up from outdoor performances to more intimate indoor performances that led to Trina crowd surfing! You were able to shop a marketplace, watch live art installations and mingle with artists of all aspects. The only thing was a bit nerve wracking was the open layout of the venue, non-ticketed guests were able to hang outside and watch the show as well. Being that security presence did not feel too strong that led to people feeling a bit weary.

Trap Music + Trap Music Museum

Since ATL is the home of Trap Music and key players in trap music, it brought a new found appreciation for Trap amongst the group. It is a different music scene the being accustomed too, especially when you live up North in NYC in a high Afro-Caribbean influence, but it was definitely still enjoyable.

Attending the Trap Music Museum founded by the infamous T.I, played a real life replication and evolution of what "Trap" truly is and the influence it has on the music industry. When you enter you walk into a "Bodega Store" style then walk into "Unc's living room in Gramma house, then you enter into the different art installations to celebrate key icons such as Rick Ross' album cover, Young Jeezy Snowman and 2Chainz Pink Trap Chevy. As fun as it was reminiscent on classic throwback it also shed educational light on the gun violence and incarceration rate of African Americans especially in the city of Atlanta which is still a vital problem.

Stay tuned for the next CVG takeover….