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CVG Takes Audacity Fest


A few weeks back, the CVG team attended the first ever Audacity festival in Oakland, California powered by Nomadness Tribe. Each member gained perspective in their own ways but shared a similar sense of inspiration. Follow us as we revisit our vibes.

The Power of Community

Aya: They showed up and showed out! Who is they you ask? The Nomadness tribe made their appearance, and a few of my old friends and entrepreneurs alike were in attendance to speak their truth, sell their passions and embrace the culture!

Catherine: It’s amazing that the year we are living in is 2018 and we are still breaking barriers, as first, only, and disruptive within Black Community in different fields and industries. We know of the many different travel groups creating for people of color, but the fact that this is the first festival to help further educate and celebrate was mind blowing to me! Genius at that. Anytime I put myself in the surrounding of like-minded people, with similar interests it truly makes me feel like I am in a big ass family reunion and gives me hope for this new push of community and collaboration and breaking the society idea of competition.

Britney: There are not many events I go to (aside from CVG events of course) that offer an open space to converse with people of color with no set expectations.It was great to experience the various panels and topics that relate to young professionals alike myself. What also resonated with me was the open environment where there were no expectations, judgement or worry to be free and to be yourself. Audacity fest provided its guests with the opportunity to network and meet individuals from all over the world.

Traveling Under Trump

This panel spoke about the intricacies of traveling during our current climate.
— Aya

Aya:  As a woman, a minority woman, and a minority woman of the Muslim faith, the Traveling Under Trump 2.0 panel really captivated my attention. Having Kifah Shah, Mayan Hassan and Janaye Ingram speak on the discrepancies that come with having a certain name, ethnicity, or religion puts us in the “beware” category before we even check in at the airport. I may be seen as a WOC or WOM at first glance, but being objectified and denounced because of the last name I carry, further strips away any of the privileges that was assumed of me. This panel spoke about the intricacies of traveling during our current climate.

We can have culture shock just simply traveling in between state lines.
— Catherine

Catherine: Traveling as an American, within other cities in America can already become alarming because being a born and bred NYC there are certain privileges and extreme behavior that we are not thoroughly exposed to on a day to day basis. We can have culture shock just simply traveling in between state lines. Traveling to other countries as an American also puts you on high alert based off of what citizens are receiving from the media, we do receive some judgement, prejudices, targets and assumptions, that unfortunately are rightfully deserved. However, when you are traveling as a minority American with the thirst of experience and culture you gain the privilege to be able to learn from locals and indulge in educated conversations to come to a point of understanding. Living in a time where Trump is the “leader” of 53% Caucasian Woman and Men, traveling has become a bit more cautious. He has publicly spoken out and disrespected civilians and leaders of other nations. During this panel I thought about the wonderful experience I had in Cuba and how they embraced Americans and the respect they have for Obama. Shortly after was when Trump became in office and the road to peace started to look shaky again with our relationship to the people of Cuba. Black Travelers are already seen as a smaller breed that is starting to grow but having to be extra cautious just trying to escape and experience due to who the leader of our country is, and I enjoyed the perspectives and insight this panel brought to the real life situations occurring.


Aya : Jack London Square was a great spot for mingling and munching as well as being able to listen and laugh at the Panel Discussions and amongst each other. It led to an open opportunity to networking while “navigating the world”. Oakland as a city possessed a great vibe, but being able to connect by the water on such a beautiful sunny day, made it that much better! We witnessed Weddings, Ferry Rides and adjacent markets to add on to the magic taking place at Audacity.


Catherine: This was already my first time to the West Coast and one of the times I came with no plan or list of things I wanted to see, I just wanted experience all that I could.This was an amazing little location that seemed opened and welcoming to all providing peace and tranquility which is part of the reason most love to travel.  

Britney: Set in sunny Oakland, California I could not have of picture this event to be set in any other location. The juxtaposition of the hot sun and cool sea breeze helped set the tone for the festival overall around peace, tranquility and enjoying the moment. 

Stay tuned for the next CVG takeover….