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The Journey of Self Exploring: Am I Driving Down the Right Path?

This blog post was written by viber Aya Mohamed, who is the Facilitator & Event Coordinator for Curated Vibes Group.


I ripped the band aid off, HARD. I came back from a Work assignment and I just quit. Tears and all.

Scary?  Yes! But the weight was lifted off my shoulders, and it was invigorating!

I wasn’t worried about what was next, because I know my potential and how great and passionate about everything I do, I am.

However the environment I was in, didn’t allow me to breathe, grow or explore. I was so consumed with the day to day tasks that I had lost the time and energy to be the creative that I am.


I decided it was time to focus on ME. I had to. I allowed my job to take away my sparkle, and even my friends were starting to noticing that my smile wasn’t always there.

I packed my bags, and didn’t look back.  I booked a flight to Art Basel down in Miami  and visited family abroad, to give myself the break I rightfully deserved. After both of these experiences,  I am finally back.

.....At least physically.


The funny thing is I thought I could take a trip and find all the fulfillment  I needed. That dream died quick!  But what I was capable of achieving is putting myself in a mindset of being able and willing. I forced myself to break free from this horrendous thought of  “ I can’t ”.

Everything happens for a reason.

Don’t waste time worrying or questioning your fate.

We will fall into our place when the time is right. You’ll find the right career. You will create the time to explore yourself.  You will be able to  focus on the side hustle that fuels your passion.

As I write this, I’m like Damn!  Everybody keeps telling me this, and I refused to believe them!  Better yet, I did not think I knew how too.

It’s easier said than done, I know. The anxiety of life devierts the simple plan and it will keep doing that, if you allow it. Reminding myself everyday that I am destined for greatness and greater opportunities are approaching  , pushes me to be more productive.  Slowly but surely , this girl is getting and will get her shine back.

Most importantly, the smiles are flowing endlessly.