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Retail therapy: 5 Tips on Living Fashionably Without Going Broke!

Working amongst top tier fashion insiders, you become privy to a lot of style life hacks. Living in New York is not easy on the wallet so I’m all for a deal, steal, or bargain in order to save a coin or two. However, it feels good to look good while knowing that quality isn’t lost in the products you’re buying. Can you agree? What we wear and associate ourselves with is a form of self-expression and helps build connections with others, through those aesthetic interests. I don’t know about you, but I like being around people that take pride in their appearance. So, I’m here to share some tips & tricks on getting out there and living your best fashionable life without breaking the bank.

Banner Photo illustration by Sarina Finkelstein For MONEY, Time.com


1. Online shopping hacks: With E-Commerce being in trend for most retailers, make sure you’re equipped with all the tools to snag a deal. Honey, Ebates, Shoprunner, and Retail Me Not are only a few of the sites and browser plug-ins I’ve used to get that much needed promo code or even earn some money back on my online purchases. In regards to Ebates, as per their site “Stores pay Ebates a commission for sending you their way, and Ebates shares the commission with you as Cash Back.” If you’re looking to save a coin, be sure to add these to your browsers and sign up for those that make sense for your lifestyle.

Photo: Rent The Runway, via  WSJ.com

Photo: Rent The Runway, via WSJ.com

2. Renting clothing:
One of the biggest trends in the fashion game right now. The concept  is enticing, you pay one monthly membership fee and you have access to hundreds of luxury brands. You can wear it once, and then return. You literally can sport a new designer piece every week without maxing out your credit card. Rent The Runway, Le Tote, Gwynnie Bee, and The Ms. Collection, are but a few of the companies with this rent based business model. This is becoming a bigger trend amongst millennials who want to wear designer products, but can’t afford to make the investment on the full retail value of the item.

Photo: The Real Real via  Racked.com

Photo: The Real Real via Racked.com

3. Sell online: Don’t leave your wardrobe overhaul only for Spring cleaning, try doing quarterly inventory checks of what’s working in your clothing arsenal and what needs to go (Next check in is July 1st). For those items that you want to get rid of, but still might have some value, try selling online. Remember those trendy Christian Louboutins you bought, but only wore them once and you can’t picture yourself wearing them again? Poshmark, The Real Real, and the classic Ebay are great options for getting rid of the clutter while making a few dollars back. 

Photo:  Stitchfix.com

4. Subscription boxes:

Companies such as Stitch Fix, Birchbox, Sprezza Box, and a host of others provide customers with curated monthly packages. Said packages can include apparel, grooming items, and even decor products specifically for your taste. This is great for individuals that don’t necessarily have time to go to the store or tend to buy more than what they need when they do go shopping. The programs are fairly easy to use, you answer a few questions to fine tune your profile and once you’re setup, prepare to receive your monthly packages. These subscriptions come at a nominal monthly fee. For more on subscription box options, Urbantastebud.com has a few lists for men and women along with some other bomb lists of retailers that provide similar services.

5. Discount fashion outlets:

Retailers like Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off Fifth are front runners in bringing you the higher end brands at discounted prices, without having the bargain basement vibe. If there is anything I picked up in these fashion offices, it’s that these “Fashion It girls” also shop at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Don’t frown on the discount shops, they tend to have a lot of inventory on display, but all it takes is a little patience to score a win. Also consider Century 21 and Burlington Coat Factory, if you’re in the market for a good deal!

Fashion and style, like Art, are very subjective. What one person is willing to spend their rent money on, another will find ludicrous. If you have expensive tastes, but don’t have the bank account to match you simply need to think smarter on your purchase strategy. I’m all the way here for looking good and feeling good about yourself. So, more power to my fellow shopaholics and fashionistas!

Let me know your experience with any of these suggestions and share some fashion shopping hacks that work for you.

I’m here as your fashion plug, so don’t hesitate to shoot me a message and let’s connect.