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Introducing, Curated Vibes Group

Felix Vargas (Co-Founder) once had a boss who typically reminisced about his days as a 26 year old assistant to high level executives in the textiles industry. He often mentioned how they would close business deals while under the influence of cocaine surrounded by naked beautiful women in nightlife environment. This idea sparked something within.

Why can’t we young professionals do the same thing?

Why can’t we bond with one another while doing something we thoroughly enjoy or something serving a deeper purpose that will bring us together?

Being tired of spending an exuberant or finessing your way out of high costs for minimal experiences, founders Felix and Catherine began frequently discussing their annoyance with attending networking events. Putting on a name tag, exchanging a quick “Who are you, who are you with and what do you do” attached with a business card to be collected by superiors or tossed away.

Here came the development for Curated Vibes Group. Why don’t we young professionals put together a series of curated events, activities and workshops in an effort to bring together those like minded creative individuals. In that we realized the amazing talent within our community that is heavily overlooked or underrated. We wanted to focus within our community highlighting the amazing talent and work from our fellow creatives. However, although we want every event and activity to bring a bonding experience and highlight vibers we also want to make sure that every event has a purpose and we provide a selfless giveback within the community while breaking taboo topics.

CVG is a platform made for us by us focusing on travel, arts, and culture for entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives.