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Viber of the Month : Macy

Viber of the Month : Macy

A boss in her own right, Creative Communications Pro, Macy Harrell is not to be slept on. As one of the driving forces behind The Posh Connect, Macy has spearheaded successful marketing and PR campaigns for businesses in the beauty, lifestyle and consumer category. You can catch her this spring at the How to Date a Boss panel discussion presented by CVG at this year’s Daze Summit. 

Viber of the Month : Warren

Image-1 (1).jpg

With over 6 years experience in fast paced roles at brands such as Paper Magazine, Gilt, and Saks Fifth Avenue, Warren is a rising star in the fashion industry. He will be bringing his expertise as the first contributor to our blog, so be sure to stay tuned!

Check him out! 

LINKEDIN: @WarrenAdriana 

INSTAGRAM: @WarrenAdriana

TWITTER: @WarrenAdriana 


My Real Name is:

Warren Adriana

But The World Knows Me As:



If I were a mutant my super power would be:


Because I am good at:

Adapting to any situation

When I am home waiting for my food to cook I like to do this while I wait:

I rarely cook, but I scan my twitter feed for the latest tea and news.


When I do not want to cook I like to Order this:

A sandwich from the bodega. Turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.

This is the App I use when I want to place an order:

I just call lol

The first thing I do when I wake up is:

Drink 16oz of water.

The first app I open every day is:


My guilty food pleasure is:

Cupcakes...especially from Magnolia's Bakery

My favorite album of all time is:

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

My favorite artist of all time is:


Now lets get to know the Viber professionally!


Job Title and Company Name (or Brand):

Item Setup Associate, Saks Fifth Avenue
Image-1 (2).jpg

I've been in this position for this many years:

5 months

I've been in this industry for this many years:

6 years

Do you consider yourself an influencer? If yes, why?


The most surprising thing I've learned about being a professional in this field is:

Urgent doesn't always really mean urgent.

How did you even get started in this industry or line of work?

I interned at Paper Magazine in 2012 and moved up to freelance on several amazing PR projects #BestExperienceOfMyLife. From that time I realized I wanted to stay in the fashion industry no matter what. I've since moved to the retail side of the industry, navigating the eComm landscape. I'm always looking forward to exploring new opportunities.

My colleagues and counterparts would be surprised or perhaps flabbergasted if they knew that I...

I can't give all my secrets away. But, people always get a kick out of learning I tried my hand at voguing in the ballroom scene (before it became a thing to do!). I even won a trophy once.


10 Years ago I was:

A 20yr old lost lamb in NY, figuring life out and too wrapped up in my social life.


I legit swore at the age of 10 that I was going to grow up to be:

An actor or a doctor.


To calm me down when I'm pissed off I listen to

Anything by Whitney Houston.

Phone Call or Text?

Android or iPhone?


You can connect with me by following me on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat,Website:

All social media: @WarrenAdriana

Northside Festival Block Party

This past week was Northside Festival. A week long festival in the heart of Williamsburg , BK. Think SXSW Brooklyn style. There's innovation events, panels, speakers , workshops , concerts, music , film, networking, food and fun. 

This year they added in a Block Fest for a 5 block stretch on Bedford Ave. With varying neighborhood participants and sponsors. Bars and restaurants offered specials, frozen to go drinks, solo cups of beer or lemonade, jewelry stores designed custom free pieces, car2go had a 360 photo booth, non profits advocated for their programs and stances, live performances, games, water balloons and water guns. But our favorite was Sweet Chick's set up with a DJ spinning all throwbacks and a surprise performance by none other than MOBB DEEP! 

We at CVG especially loved the atmosphere and the vibe it generated and created. It was a good representation on how gentrification should be. Young creative diverse minds enjoying each other's company in a laid back environment engaging with innovative brands. It brought back a feeling of nostalgia and unity. We always talk about how in fashion & history repetition is key and everything always comes "back in style". What we want to focus on being back in style is forward thinking, and sense of community. One of our biggest values and mission. We thank Northside for inviting and having us there and being able to enjoy and support the community of small business and great company. Definitely sparked some amazing inspiration and ideas. We know I we have taken a little bit of a hiatus getting things situated and with some temporary relocation. However , we want to thank everyone for the support as well as expressed interest and are excited to be able to share with you what we have planned for rest of the year as we kick off in full gear.


Learn more about the block party and Northside Festival festivities here: http://northsidefestival.com/northside-2017/block-party/

The Love Shack: A "Magickal" Dollhouse

Written by: Felix Vargas

Nestled between the conglomerates of what we know to be the concrete lofts or rather tiny Brooklyn apartment towers, lies a tiny gem that is easily overlooked. The Love Shack on Stockholm Street is filled with just that; love - and upon entering, you feel it’s wrath. The beautiful collage of vintage mirrors upon its walls accented with the blinged out central crystal chandelier make this home away from home the ideal place to host any celebration (or to spend an intimate weekend at). In our case, we were celebrating the Big 2-5 of our very own, Catherine Buccello.

We caught up with the Alex and Britta, owners of The Love Shack and here is what they had to say.


"Alex originally had a concept for building a little “village” in a huge warehouse space, with little houses for each room… so the “pharmacy” could be the bathroom, the “restaurant” could be the dining room, and little residential houses could be the bedrooms. When we found this space it was perfect but not big enough, so we decided to just build two small houses inside instead. I’d always been completely enamored with rococo period furniture and fantasy spaces, so we combined our visions and this is what grew out of them!"


"When Alex and I got married we changed our name to “Love”. I didn’t like the idea of taking my husband’s name but it felt weird to keep different last names so we decided to just choose a new one. “Love” was a powerful spell we cast for what we wanted to embody in our relationship and future family. So when we built the space, we started jokingly calling it the Love Shack and it just kinda stuck!"


"Alex did all of the design and building and I was more of the muse. So I’d say “ooh how about a whole wall of mirrors” and then we’d start finding some and he’d find the way to arrange them so beautifully and make it work. Sometimes he was the muse too, he came up with the idea of having a balcony off our bedroom which was amazing. We just love co-creating so we bounce off each other. And we’d find ourselves in thrift and antique shops or scrolling through eBay and things would just jump out at us.""


"Well the space is our home, our business and our temple. I love that our crazy dream now sustains us and also allows us to use the space for events in our own community too. We’ve already exceeded any goals we ever could’ve imagined so now really we just want to keep it going and see what new projects await us!"


"It’s actually a lot less weird than it might seem. The very first few times felt strange but once we realized how much people respected the space - and so enjoyed being here, joy at being able to share it with people overcame any neurosis about having strangers in our house. In any case, once people have rented the space they sort of become extended family! Of course when we come back into the space we have a ritual of cleaning and reclaiming it as our home. But it’s wonderful having so much beautiful energy from people’s marriages, showers and other celebrations in the space."


"It’s magickal ! Actually I’m grateful that we rent the space out because it stops me from taking it for granted too much. You can get used to anything after a while! But we constantly have people coming in and reacting to the space for the first time which reconnects us to just how magickal it is. We feel really blessed by how it all turned out. Just follow those dreams!"


- Curated Vibes Group