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CVG at Daze Summit

This past weekend the Curated Vibes Group was invited to attend Daze Summit Spring Break 2017. No not girls gone wild and raging undergraduates binge drinking. But a 7 day stretch filled with panels, business expos and performances in various locations touching Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan.

Daze Summit was created by Scott Morris as an effort to not only showcase music artist but to also raise funds to provide scholarships for high school students who would like to attend college.

By partnering with The Future Project, Daze Music Summit along with the Deans List Tour was able to provide funds to selected students who showed exemplary leadership and academic skills throughout the year to their teachers, peers and faculty members.

It was amazing to be surrounding by melanin within the media industry sharing insight and experiences that not only inspire but inform attendees. Here are some of our key takes away to share:


Art of Networking - Curated by Multi Artistry Entertainment  


Discussion Highlights:

  • “It’s not about networking, it’s about building relationships”

  • Have a goal when attending networking events - focus on quality over quantity when connecting with others

  • Networking can oftentimes be difficult but if  done successfully, those people are signed up for your journey

  • Embrace the connections that you make, you never know where they will take you !

  • Be persistent and know your value


Key Takeaways:

  • Don't ever doubt that you are not qualified to be in a room with powerful people or that you are too young or inexperienced to mingle and hold a discussion with someone you aspire to be

  • Be prepared before you even get there

  • Always keep in touch, even if they cannot be of service to you now.

  • Can’t bring everyone with you, you need to know what their goal is for attending the event and what is your goal s and that the two connect or else someone has to stay behind

Do It For the Culture - Curated by
Power Respect ENT


Discussion Highlights:

  • Hip Hop has shaped social media

    • Has hip hop helped or hurt social media and vice versa?

  • Rapid change and release of music, changes the hip hop standard and has become more business forward, than producing quality art.

  • Turnover of music is about 3 months and on to the next one

    • Get it? Jay-Z & Swizz song? Yes we are corny and proud

  • Using the ways of the hip hop culture to educate children , think of it as Hip Hop nation's Principal

Key Takeaways:

  • Respect the history of hip hop and its origins and use it as a learning tool for new emerging artists and regarding the culture

  • Social media has helped hip hop engagement as well as hip hop has boosted social media greatly

Like A Boss - Curated by Asia Golden


Discussion Highlights:

  • Defining the definition of a girl boss and what it means individually

  • How can you be a boss & maintain a romantic relationship?  

  • 3 words to tell someone starting off and/or words that hone true to your hustle

Key Takeaways:

  • Three Words:

    • I am A Savage  

    • Energy, Endurance, Consistency

    • Dependable , Passion, Driven

  • Knowing how to keep your friend group separate from a core support group. Needing people in your life that are going to understand that we aren’t going to be able to shoot the shit all day but if we need to vent or if we need someone to assist with a specific skill to make sure you have those key people within your network.

  • The possibility of love and profession are possible, as women we do not need to sacrifice one of the two but it is a matter of not settling and finding a partner who is compatible and supports either emotionally, creatively or both

  • As soon as we think of females doing what men have been doing for years, which is being a boss, we are quick to label them as bitch instead of a boss or a respected hustler

  • The biggest takeaway and similar language amongst the six panelist is the feeling of connection and support amongst other females. It isn’t competition it’s community.

“Hear My Voice”  - Curated by: Who Did You Meet?


Discussion Highlights:

  • The ins & outs of developing a successful podcast

  • Pros and Cons of  independent vs a network

  • What goes into being a good host, co-host and having guests


Key Takeaways:

  • It’s about what people want to hear and what you are talking about.  Keeping it genuine.

  • Podcasts are becoming a saturated market, especially since this is an outlet for the underdogs to have a platform be able to reach the masses. However, if everyone is producing the same material why should a listener give you 45-60 minutes of my time?

  • Energy Attracts Energy, you will find your tribe, you will find your listeners

  • Develop and perfect your thirty Second Elevator Pitch


“My Writing My Website" - Curated by: Who Did You Meet?


Discussion Highlights:

  • How to stay relevant and up to date with the latest news

  • Make sure your source of information is correct

  • Follow the publicists and marketing for the field you are writing about and they will reach out to you to release information

  • Be consistent and organized

  • It is important to put a face to the brand and network , not just sit behind the screen.

  • When getting started, sometimes, you have to invest to be at the best event, to get the worthy perspective.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be Persistent and Tenacious when trying to make a connection. Be strategic email reach out, slide in DM’s (professionally! No BM’s) Respond 24-48 hours

  • Important to Market Yourself, Search hashtags, Use hashtags, Advertise, Publicity Opportunities

  • Dont Claim Negativity - Whose to say you are not qualified? Never put negative thoughts in your head, who is to say you’re not disciplined? You teach yourself all the qualities you need to stay focused and driven  

  • Reach out to the right person and perfect your pitch to the point that they can’t say no

Although we were unable to attend all of the events or the panels, we still enjoyed the energy around us and overall the mission of the Summit. If you have the chance and opportunity to attend their events or at least donate. Donations and proceed go to assisting a High School Student with dreams of going to college, but does not have the funds to permit it.