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How Marijuana Can Fuel Creativity for Young Professionals

This blog post was written by Catherine Buccello who is also a contributor to the BYOB Society Blog. Catherine expresses how you can utilize the high to become more creative, see below.

Growing up, initiatives such as D.A.R.E and Say No to Drugs were created and developed to keep youth as well as grownups away from the downfall of using and abusing drugs. These campaigns were a strategic effort to decrease the number of dependencies on legal and illegal drugs. For a long time marijuana had a very negative stigma with all of these harmful side effects – how it could kill your brain cells and basically make you a potato. It was also looked at to be something that only minorities dabbled and engaged in. A inner city cheap drug, low income and ghetto for the uneducated and the unmotivated. Negative connotations associated with it include “pothead, stoner, burnout, hippie”....CONTINUE READING AT THE BYOB SOCIETY BLOG