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Viber of the Month : Durval Morgan

Brooklyn, NY born & raised sports medicine professional by trade. Have worked and assisted with the healthcare of high level collegiate athletes that went on to compete on their respective professional levels.



My Real Name is:

Durval Morgan

But The World Knows Me As:



What decade do you think your personality would thrive in?


What is your favorite social media app and why?

Twitter, so much information can be passed in the matter of minutes..also the comedy never disappoints.

What is something silly you got in trouble for as a child?

Shaving my eyebrow

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Country Music

What is your favorite current and past show?

Current: Power

Past: Wayans Bros.

Now lets get to know the Viber professionally!


Job Title and Company Name (or Brand):

Certified Athletic Trainer

I've been in this position for this many years:

5 years

I've been in this industry for this many years


What is your Side Hustle or (Brand)

A'MIOR NYC - Creative Agency

How did you begin your Side Hustle?

Just wanted to start connecting the people around with their respective audiences. Also a passion of mine is bringing people together for events.

Is this a Passion project, Dream Career or Side Hustle?

Passion Project

Do you consider yourself an influencer? If yes, why?


The most surprising thing I've learned about being a professional in this field is

People really do change once they get a little recognition

How did you even get started in this industry or line of work?

Influenced by many of my peers that are in media and entertainment. Always had an interest in the field.

My colleagues and counterparts would be surprised or perhaps flabbergasted if they knew that I

Had aspirations in actually being performance artist.

10 Years ago I was

Just being my venture as an athletic trainer

I legit swore at the age of 10 that I was going to grow up to be

Designing roller coasters or driving trains.

What inspires you?

Watching my peers achieve their goals.

How do you inspire people?

By showing people you can be successful in two different fields. Always pushing people to not live in a box.

To calm me down when I'm pissed off I listen to

Luke Bryan

Phone Call or Text?


Android or iPhone?


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