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Viber of the Month : Krissy B.


Krissy B. was born and raised in Hempstead , Long Island. She attended St. John's University where she received a Bachelors of Science in Legal Studies & Sports Management in 2009. While attending St. John's, Krissy B. was active in specific areas such as Men's Basketball Management, Fashion Club Coordinator, and Concert Committee. This gave Krissy the opportunity to work with up and coming fashion designers, entertainers, and artist like Common, Kendrick Lamar, and Pharrell just to name a few. Krissy started out in radio in Fall 2015 on DTF Radio. After developing two shows on DTF, she decided to branch out on her own and developed her own brand, "The Juice with Krissy B.." She is currently working on the re-launch of her brand and is in the process of starting her own podcast. A talk show and documentary series are also underway so stay tuned.


My Real Name is:


But The World Knows Me As:

Krissy B.

What decade do you think your personality would thrive in?

I think my personality would thrive in any decade because my energy and style is “This is my Mack-Daddy vibe I’m giving you...” (LOL, name that movie). That’s a really hard question but if I had to choose, the early 90’s would be it because the culture was so dope then.

Where was your favorite place you have traveled to?

Puerto Rico has been my favorite place to travel mainly because my paternal grandmother is from there and I never got to meet her so going there is special to me. Plus, my uncle and aunt live there so its like a family vacation with GREAT FOOD!!!!!

Top travel destination on your list?

My top travel destination is Paris. OMG!!!! I just want to walk around in my Parisian wardrobe and YES HUNNY!!! I have a wardrobe picked out for that.

What is one important thing an Ex taught you ?

An important thing an Ex taught me is that if the trust is gone then the love means nothing. STRAIGHT FACTS!!!!

What was your Childhood fear?

My childhood fear was growing up. Adult-ing gets in the way of me truly living my best life, don’t you agree???

The first app I open every day is…


What is your favorite social media app and why?

Instagram is my favorite social media app because I can get the news, gossip, makeup, fashion, and music, all in one place with one finger, LOL!

What is something silly you got in trouble for as a child?

I got in trouble for telling my great-aunt that it was TOO HOT for plastic on the furniture. She made me sit on that hot ass plastic furniture until my grandfather picked me up. LMAO!

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is watching “Coming to America” and orange soda.

What is your favorite current and past show?

Currently my favorite show is “Queen of The South” because Teresa Mendoza is a BOSS!!!! My favorite past shows are “The Cosby Show” & “Martin”. I laugh til I cry, EVERY time.

Now lets get to know the Viber professionally!


Job Title and Company
(or Industry)

I am a legal admin for the Nassau County PBA.

I've been in this position for this many years:

I’ve had this job title for a little over a year and am currently moving on up into becoming a press liaison.

I've been in this industry for this many years

I actually have a legal studies degree from St. John’s University and always wanted to be a lawyer just never had the focus or time.

What is your Side Hustle or (Brand)

My side hustle more recently has been in radio and has turned into “The Krissy B. Lifestyle”.

How did you begin your Side Hustle?

I got into radio a few years ago while doing a radio interview with my god brother, Anthony Mason Jr. Our chemistry was hilarious so it took off from there.

Is this a Passion project, Dream Career or Side Hustle?

Dream Career!

Do you consider yourself an influencer? If yes, why?

I think that I can influence people but sometimes it’s a lot of pressure because I’m trying to figure it out myself.

The most surprising thing I've learned about being a professional in this field is

Working in any industry but specifically the radio industry is hard and cut throat. An important thing I’ve learned is to keep future plans and ideas to myself because there are VULTURES watching your every move, honey.

How did you even get started in this industry or line of work?

Knowing A LOT of people.

My colleagues and counterparts would be surprised or perhaps flabbergasted if they knew that I

I think my colleagues would be flabbergasted by my side hustle because my day job is so political & serious yet my side hustle is so FREE!!!

10 Years ago I was

…graduating St. John’s. OMG!!! Im old.

I legit swore at the age of 10 that I was going to grow up to be

…either an actress or Oprah.

What inspires you?

My dad inspires me. He is my guardian angel and I just want to live my life the way he dreamed of living his.

How do you inspire people?

I inspire people by simply respecting them and treating them the way they want to or should be treated - that kind of love is extinct these days.

To calm me down when I'm pissed off I listen to

Music - if i am pissed and need to calm down music up world off.

Phone Call or Text?


Android or iPhone?


You can connect with me by following me on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Website:

You can stay up to date with Krissy B. on her Instagram: @thekrissyblifestyle "Where It's Not Just A Name It's A Lifestyle" and you can email her at hejuicewithkrissyb@gmail.com